We avoid doorknobs, fear the floor, and dread the toilet seat due to their large amounts of germs, we often forget to be concerned about other areas of the home. One such place is the living room (or any room!) furniture.

It’s truly amazing how many germs go unseen on the furniture and upholstery. They’re unseen so we can forget about them, right?


Here are a few important reasons to clean your upholstery.  

Removes allergens

We clean countertops and carpets to remove germs, so why wouldn’t we clean our upholstery for the same reason? Just because your couch may be made of slippery leather doesn’t mean it’s immune to the clutches of super germs. Regular cleaning removes not only germs but all allergens like pet fur, dander, and dust that can cause irritation in those with allergies or poor immune systems.

Lengthens upholstery life

Without regular cleaning, the life of your upholstered couch will be short.  This is because regular cleaning removes bacteria that can break down your furniture, extending its life.

It also cuts down on grease, sweat, and dirt build-up that can further remove years from your coach’s life.

Improves air quality

Yes, your dirty upholstery does affect your home’s air quality. How? It’s simple. Germs and allergens that get caught on your upholstery end up being released into the air, causing your home to have air that is full of unpleasant particles and that isn’t all that great to breathe in.

Improves your home’s appearance

If your home is just a place to unwind after a long day, you might not care so much what your furniture looks like. However, if you take passion in your home’s appearance or like to entertain, you probably want your home to look as nice as possible.

Cleaning your upholstery will help you achieve this by removing stains, dirt, and dust from your furniture. This simple act increases the appearance of the entire room by making it appear better cared for and more organized.

Remedies bad smells

Dirty upholstery can harbor a host of unpleasant smells. Cleaning your upholstery will reduce the smell that the fabric gives off. Whether you notice the smell or not, your upholstery probably has one if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while.

Now that you know why you need to clean your upholstery, it’s time to choose a professional company for the job.

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By booking an appointment, you’ll be guaranteeing an upholstery clean that is thorough and gentle on your belongings. No matter what kind of clean you request, you won’t be disappointed.