Drinking a beer just doesn’t seem enough to some beer lovers. Either that, or they just happen to come up with new ways of enjoying their beer. But there are outstanding inventions that make this beverage so special. Although most are worth a laugh, they ought to be taken seriously. Otherwise, that’s the fun within the beer community. So here is a look at some outstanding beer inventions you need to try out.

Deep Fried Beer

This is a delicatessen you only have to try if you are 21 years and above. If you have ever had pretzels and beer at the same time then you will understand what fried beer tastes like. Place your drink in a ravioli-like pocket made of salty, pretzel-like dough.

With every bite you take, the beer mixes with the dough. So you will have the experience of taking beer and eating pretzel at the same time. This invention was unveiled in August 2010 at a fried food competition held in Texas and is now gaining popularity across the world.

Beer Robot

Every beer lover seems to like this new invention. The beer robot carries your drinks for you in its little belly. So you have someone to always give you a bottle if you need one.

The beer robot industry has also transformed and it’s not what it used to be. Like the robots now come installed with highly efficient chillers that cool your drink extremely fast. They also carry around a recycling bin that can crush and throw away your cans.

The Beer Belly Beverage Holder

This is quite a unique invention you will love. This is a bladder that holds a good amount of liquid and is wrapped around the waist. There is a tube attached to the holder that runs to the mouth. So you can sip your refreshment all day all night.

There are also backpacks in the market that have been designed to hold beer. But if you are looking for something phenomenal and efficient then the belly beverage holder is what you need.

Beer Chiller

This is by far the best invention to date, other than the beer itself. There is more to love about the beer chiller. This is a sleek pen-like design device you can drop in your refreshment and it is chilled almost instantly. No more waiting for hours with this one.

It makes use of the carbon dioxide technology to interact within the design to create an instant icy effect. Drop the chiller in a bottle or can. You can get it out of the bottle or can once you are done drinking.

That is how smart beer lovers can be. There are many more inventions out there that allow you to enjoy your drink better—from hats to bongs. None of them takes away the true taste of beer. Instead, they make your drink taste better. So you don’t have to stick to the old ways of taking beer when you can try one of these inventions.