Bio Energy healing method is a type of healing that has been done in many cultures for thousands of years. It is categorized as alternative healing and is grounded on the most natural forms of healing—pure energy.

Hiring a Bio Energy Therapist

Bio Energy healing is the method of channelling life-force energy to patients in order to restore balance, clear, and charge their energy field. The body is composed of billions of cells that make up bones, tissues, and organs. Aside from these, we also have a life-force or energy field that is pulsing throughout each cell.

A professional Bio Energy therapist knows the various techniques that can tune and balance the life-force energy field, address any blockages that may be causing diseases, and boost the immune system. The practitioner will serve as a channel for the universal energy field, which contains all necessary information that will bring about the conditions essential to trigger the person’s natural healing abilities.

However, not all Bio Energy therapists are created equal. Michael O Doherty bioenergy healing reviews show the quality of service that will be delivered by such a reliable professional. With the increasing number of Bio Energy therapists out there, it is important to check for reviews and recommendations first to ensure effectiveness.

The Human Body is Made of Energy

It has been established scientifically that the human body is made of energy and that this life force is what gives people life. Surrounding the body is the etheric field which is where diseases initially originate before it even shows in a person’s physical body.

Also called the Aura, the etheric field serves as a protective layer against viral or bacterial diseases. Just like this field, the immune system acts as a defense of our body as well and gets rid of unwanted elements from our body. When the immune system is working properly and the energy field is balanced, your body is healthy.

Our Cells Vibrate with Energy

All of the cells that make up our tissues and organs vibrate with energy. When your body is healthy, each cell vibrates at the optimum frequency and each body part works well. On the other hand, when you get sick, the cells do not work and vibrate as they normally would.

According to science, when you delve deeper into the physical form of matter, you will find yourself at the sub-atomic quantum world of creation. In this world of waves and particles, all matter breaks down into pure energy fields that vibrate including the human body.

Since we are in each other’s energy fields, we can also get influenced by other people’s energy field—including their feelings, thoughts, and vibes/ vibrations. While each person has his own energy field that surrounds the body, we are also an integral part of the universal energy field.

Tuning in to the Universal Energy Field

A Bio Energy therapist can tune in to the universal energy field and influence the sick person’s energy field to restore homeostasis. Also keep in mind that only a trained and experienced practitioner knows the different Bio Energy techniques and approaches that will allow him to influence the energy field of the patient. Hence, it is highly important to make sure that you are entrusting your well-being to an expert.