The Importance of Upholstery Cleaning

We avoid doorknobs, fear the floor, and dread the toilet seat due to their large amounts of germs, we often forget to be concerned about other areas of the home. One such place is the living room (or any room!) furniture.

It’s truly amazing how many germs go unseen on the furniture and upholstery. They’re unseen so we can forget about them, right?


Here are a few important reasons to clean your upholstery.  

Removes allergens

We clean countertops and carpets to remove germs, so why wouldn’t we clean our upholstery for the same reason? Just because your couch may be made of slippery leather doesn’t mean it’s immune to the clutches of super germs. Regular cleaning removes not only germs but all allergens like pet fur, dander, and dust that can cause irritation in those with allergies or poor immune systems.

Lengthens upholstery life

Without regular cleaning, the life of your upholstered couch will be short.  This is because regular cleaning removes bacteria that can break down your furniture, extending its life.

It also cuts down on grease, sweat, and dirt build-up that can further remove years from your coach’s life.

Improves air quality

Yes, your dirty upholstery does affect your home’s air quality. How? It’s simple. Germs and allergens that get caught on your upholstery end up being released into the air, causing your home to have air that is full of unpleasant particles and that isn’t all that great to breathe in.

Improves your home’s appearance

If your home is just a place to unwind after a long day, you might not care so much what your furniture looks like. However, if you take passion in your home’s appearance or like to entertain, you probably want your home to look as nice as possible.

Cleaning your upholstery will help you achieve this by removing stains, dirt, and dust from your furniture. This simple act increases the appearance of the entire room by making it appear better cared for and more organized.

Remedies bad smells

Dirty upholstery can harbor a host of unpleasant smells. Cleaning your upholstery will reduce the smell that the fabric gives off. Whether you notice the smell or not, your upholstery probably has one if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while.

Now that you know why you need to clean your upholstery, it’s time to choose a professional company for the job.

For the best upholstery cleaning in Livermore, Livermore Carpet Cleaners is a great option. The team at the company are highly trained and pride themselves on providing excellent customer service.

By booking an appointment, you’ll be guaranteeing an upholstery clean that is thorough and gentle on your belongings. No matter what kind of clean you request, you won’t be disappointed.

4 Tasty Ways To Make Use Of Your Leftover Friday Night Beer

Any good Friday night party during the summer months includes a plethora of beer- way too much to drink. Come Saturday morning, the task of dumping the extra half-drank beers or stashing the flats of unopened cans can be daunting (and upsetting..who wants to waste beer?).

Luckily, before you dump the excess down the drain, there are a few ways that you can use most of it up.

Make a marinade.

Everyone knows that wine is a great marinade additive. However, little do many people know, but beer is another fantastic, flavor-packed marinade ingredient.

Use it as a base and add soy sauce, vinegar, spices, hot sauce, chili, or any other ingredient that you see fit. Try your homemade marinade and, if it tastes good, chances are that tomorrow night’s dinner will taste great soaked in it.

Bake some bread.

Although the name of this doesn’t sound particularly appealing, the end product is.

By “make beer bread” we mean that when making a loaf of homemade bread, try soaking the dry ingredients in a light beer, allowing them to soak up all of the liquid before continuing to follow your bread recipe. The end result is a heavy, slightly malty bread.

Get out the fondue pot.

Fondue is a heavenly mixture of cheese and spices – but it can be made even better with the addition of Friday night’s beer. Saute your garlic and shallots with your favorite beer before adding your other ingredients: spices and cheese.

Dip pieces of crusty bread into your beer-infused fondue and enjoy.

Get creative with mixed drinks.

Beer probably isn’t what you think of when you think of cocktails or mixed drinks. This being said, though, that leftover beer can be used instead of expensive liquor for a variety of tasty, hand mixed cocktails.

For example, the remnants of a light beer mixed with sparkling lemonade or a Mexican beer mixed with hot sauce, lime juice, and decorated with a spicy chili rim. You could also use beer in a punch along with or instead of wine or vodka.

Mix it with seasonal flavored juice and just the right amount of sugar and sit back to relax.

Elevate your sausages.

Sausages are awesome on their own. When simmered in beer before being grilled, though, they’re taken to a whole new level. The best part? How simple this trick is.

All you have to do is simmer your sausages in your favorite beer for 15 minutes before tossing them on the grill or barbeque until they showcase the highly desirable grill marks. Whoila! Tasty sausages with a boozy twist.

Be the batter king (or queen).

Homemade batters for fish and/or chicken can be improved by adding beer. The beer’s light flavor mixes perfectly with a few spices, some flour, and some salt and pepper. Then, when fried, becomes crunchy and delicious.

Hopefully some of the creative solutions above have peaked your interest. After all, no one wants to waste perfectly good, albeit flat, beer.

How Does Bio Energy Healing Work

Bio Energy healing method is a type of healing that has been done in many cultures for thousands of years. It is categorized as alternative healing and is grounded on the most natural forms of healing—pure energy.

Hiring a Bio Energy Therapist

Bio Energy healing is the method of channelling life-force energy to patients in order to restore balance, clear, and charge their energy field. The body is composed of billions of cells that make up bones, tissues, and organs. Aside from these, we also have a life-force or energy field that is pulsing throughout each cell.

A professional Bio Energy therapist knows the various techniques that can tune and balance the life-force energy field, address any blockages that may be causing diseases, and boost the immune system. The practitioner will serve as a channel for the universal energy field, which contains all necessary information that will bring about the conditions essential to trigger the person’s natural healing abilities.

However, not all Bio Energy therapists are created equal. Michael O Doherty bioenergy healing reviews show the quality of service that will be delivered by such a reliable professional. With the increasing number of Bio Energy therapists out there, it is important to check for reviews and recommendations first to ensure effectiveness.

The Human Body is Made of Energy

It has been established scientifically that the human body is made of energy and that this life force is what gives people life. Surrounding the body is the etheric field which is where diseases initially originate before it even shows in a person’s physical body.

Also called the Aura, the etheric field serves as a protective layer against viral or bacterial diseases. Just like this field, the immune system acts as a defense of our body as well and gets rid of unwanted elements from our body. When the immune system is working properly and the energy field is balanced, your body is healthy.

Our Cells Vibrate with Energy

All of the cells that make up our tissues and organs vibrate with energy. When your body is healthy, each cell vibrates at the optimum frequency and each body part works well. On the other hand, when you get sick, the cells do not work and vibrate as they normally would.

According to science, when you delve deeper into the physical form of matter, you will find yourself at the sub-atomic quantum world of creation. In this world of waves and particles, all matter breaks down into pure energy fields that vibrate including the human body.

Since we are in each other’s energy fields, we can also get influenced by other people’s energy field—including their feelings, thoughts, and vibes/ vibrations. While each person has his own energy field that surrounds the body, we are also an integral part of the universal energy field.

Tuning in to the Universal Energy Field

A Bio Energy therapist can tune in to the universal energy field and influence the sick person’s energy field to restore homeostasis. Also keep in mind that only a trained and experienced practitioner knows the different Bio Energy techniques and approaches that will allow him to influence the energy field of the patient. Hence, it is highly important to make sure that you are entrusting your well-being to an expert.

Keeping The Beer Cold

All party lovers have been there. You have probably had to move beer for one reason or another. But were you able to keep it cold? Perhaps not. And any beer lover will agree that the worst thing that can ever happen is having a warm drink when the mood of the party has just been set right.

Ice is the main issue and in most cases the bottle gets warm because there isn’t enough ice. But there are also other reasons why your beer could be warm. But there are different solutions you need to consider to enjoy that cold beer. Here is a look.


This is obviously the first thing you will think of when you want to have a cold beer. But you need to make sure you have enough coolers. If you have a few cases then you will need a few extra coolers. Either that or you will have to rotate your drink through slowly melting ice. Of course the last beer will not be as cold as the first one.


You can simply cover the bottles if you will be taking them from the store directly to the party where you will have coolers and refrigerators. Ensure they don’t come anywhere near the sunlight either through the windows or in the back of your car. You can also put some ice on top then cover it. Your bottle will stay cool as it will utilize the ice you bought.

Trash Cans

Trash cans will always work for any occasion. Whether taking the beer somewhere else or bringing it to the house, make sure you have a trash can full of ice. A truck is ideal for this kind of transportation.

It is easy, just take an empty trash can to the store then buy your drink and ice. First put the beers into the trash can then dump the ice on top. You will never have a warm sip with this trick. In fact, the ice makes it colder than it was when you bought it.

Baby Pool

If you don’t want warm beer to ruin your party, you can make use of the baby pool. This is a fun way to get the party started. Bring one with you and fill it up with beer and ice then let the party begin.

After the party, the baby pool will be free for the kids to enjoy. But the adult kids will have the most fun.

Keg Coolers

Keg coolers are quite unique as they completely cover the keg while others have wheels to enable you move your drinks with ease. Your beer will stay cool all day if you put it inside a keg cooler. So you can enjoy the party to the fullest without worrying about your drink getting warm. In fact, the cold bottle stays cool as the day fades into night.

With that said, you shouldn’t have a problem keeping your beer cold. People will device new ways just to keep the bottle cold but you don’t have to go through the unthinkable to enjoy a cold beer. Just follow the above tips.

Interesting Beer Inventions

Drinking a beer just doesn’t seem enough to some beer lovers. Either that, or they just happen to come up with new ways of enjoying their beer. But there are outstanding inventions that make this beverage so special. Although most are worth a laugh, they ought to be taken seriously. Otherwise, that’s the fun within the beer community. So here is a look at some outstanding beer inventions you need to try out.

Deep Fried Beer

This is a delicatessen you only have to try if you are 21 years and above. If you have ever had pretzels and beer at the same time then you will understand what fried beer tastes like. Place your drink in a ravioli-like pocket made of salty, pretzel-like dough.

With every bite you take, the beer mixes with the dough. So you will have the experience of taking beer and eating pretzel at the same time. This invention was unveiled in August 2010 at a fried food competition held in Texas and is now gaining popularity across the world.

Beer Robot

Every beer lover seems to like this new invention. The beer robot carries your drinks for you in its little belly. So you have someone to always give you a bottle if you need one.

The beer robot industry has also transformed and it’s not what it used to be. Like the robots now come installed with highly efficient chillers that cool your drink extremely fast. They also carry around a recycling bin that can crush and throw away your cans.

The Beer Belly Beverage Holder

This is quite a unique invention you will love. This is a bladder that holds a good amount of liquid and is wrapped around the waist. There is a tube attached to the holder that runs to the mouth. So you can sip your refreshment all day all night.

There are also backpacks in the market that have been designed to hold beer. But if you are looking for something phenomenal and efficient then the belly beverage holder is what you need.

Beer Chiller

This is by far the best invention to date, other than the beer itself. There is more to love about the beer chiller. This is a sleek pen-like design device you can drop in your refreshment and it is chilled almost instantly. No more waiting for hours with this one.

It makes use of the carbon dioxide technology to interact within the design to create an instant icy effect. Drop the chiller in a bottle or can. You can get it out of the bottle or can once you are done drinking.

That is how smart beer lovers can be. There are many more inventions out there that allow you to enjoy your drink better—from hats to bongs. None of them takes away the true taste of beer. Instead, they make your drink taste better. So you don’t have to stick to the old ways of taking beer when you can try one of these inventions.

Buy beer at the supermarket. Tips to avoid disaster

I say it right away: the supermarket is not (yet) a good place to buy beer. Of course, there are no shortage of exceptions, and chains like Coop, Esselunga, Iper or other large centers sometimes offer interestingly brewed products mixed with the chaos of increasingly camaleonian industrial beers. The enthusiast has no problem to immediately understand that he has had luck and fills the trolley of Saison Dupont on offer, but the able-bodied consumer how does he orient himself in front of a shelf? Here are some simple tips to try to limit the damage.

1) You will not have another beer if not bottled . Forget about cans and drums, to drink well we have to turn to glass. And possibly dark glass, because it is suitable for preserving beer. So we also take out the transparent bottles. And also the lime …

2) We are not at the island of the famous. We discard the brands that we saw on TV advertising: those with the stunning blonde, ice buckets or beer drank. If you are not an expert you probably know only famous brands. And famous brands means industry: beautiful and without soul. And no, the beer that my grandfather drank no longer exists. That brand has become a budget line for some multinational companies. No amarcord, let’s go on.

3) Reading is important . The label of a beer can sometimes help us a lot: first we read the ingredients (even if they are starting to disappear … alive sincerity). As we do not like to read “fruity” because we want real fruit, so we want barley malt, wheat, rye or oats. Not corn or rice which are substitutes of lower quality, and a mass-produced beer symptom. Then we read where the beer is produced and by whom: if the manufacturer is a code-fiscal code and the production plant can be in different countries then the spy “Beer to avoid” flashes wild.

4) Do not make it strange. Let’s skip the “exotic” beers; Japanese or Jamaican labels are often produced in Europe under license.

5) Do not be Uncle Scrooge . Good beer often costs a little more. If a liter of beer costs less than one euro on the shelf … we understand each other, right?

6) Belgian roulette . Often the good beers that are found at the supermarket come from Belgium: Trappiste and Dupont to begin with, but also Achuffe or Duvel can give more satisfaction than a Peroni. Unfortunately, even the best traps are (or appear to be) Belgian. Avoid various devils or demons, pirates, abbeys and unknown monks, also because you will often discover that they are all produced by a single company.

7) Experimentation leads to perfection . Throw the bottles you do not know into the cart. At home, try them and try to understand if they have an identifiable taste, if they satisfy you and if, after all, you like them. You will thus have a more concrete idea of ​​your tastes and, hopefully, you will launch to a pub (maybe one of the good ones …) to level up.

In the end, it is useless to do sophisms: if you like a Forst Sixtus, drink it tastefully. But one day, when you drink a BiBock, you will feel a difference that you can hardly do without.

How to choose the right beer

How to choose a beer? Today it is Saint Patrick , patron saint of Ireland and all over the world is celebrated holding a pint of beer. Maybe a Guinness , for purists doc. But there are a thousand types of beers and endless quality of beers. Especially when it comes to craft beers. And to explain it is a passionate Milan brewmaster, Riccardo Telesi. With these little tips at least we begin to debunk false myths related to beer and to learn about the world of craft beers.


  • Homemade beers
  • Bar or pub or a friend’s house


  1. In most cases the beers that are in the supermarket and the pub are industrial beers, so look for a pub where there are craft beers that are the most unique to taste and taste
  2. Why choose a craft beer ? They are not pasteurized and they are not filtered, they are live products that are produced in small quantities that can be elocalized: it is still a small market, it is a maximum of 2 percent
  3. How to choose a beer ? There is a wide spectrum with flavors defined from light to imperial stout – very dark alcoholic beers. In craft beers there is a well-defined spectrum of tastes, flavors and aromas.
  4. Dilemma between men’s beer and women’s beer : there are no clichés: it is not true that women drink sweet and clear beers and men of abbey beers. We must find out which tastes best suit each one of us
  5. Craft beer choice approach: only a matter of taste
  6. If you favor Italian productions: the brewers are famous for the stavaganza of their productions referring to Belgian, German and English canons but they use local products, also using the fruit not to sweeten but to compose the flavor.
  7. To choose a craft beer you have to take into account color and gradation
  8. The color: there are blond beers and dark beers. We must dispel the myth that the blonde beer is light and the black one is very alcoholic. It’s all a matter of malts : there are blondes of 11 and 12 degrees while there are excellent 4-degree black beers.
  9. Malt : for craft beer it is a matter of must. The more malt is used in production, the more alcohol will be beer. So from roasted malts you will get a dark beer, while if you use the basic malt as the pils the beer will be clear.
  10. Flavor and color: in fermentation, yes, the recipe is the same, but color is linked to the flavor, the malt will be dark and the caramel, chocolate, roasted malt and licorice (naturally without adding anything) dominate. In fact the color, the taste and the alcohol are given by the malt, based on the percentage and the type of malt more or less roasted will change the beer . Simple malts will give rise to lager, roasted and caramelized beer will make the strong taste of the most composed beers. If several malts are used, the taste of beer will be more complex
  11. You just have to understand what you like
  12. So how to combine them? beer offers matching and contrast solutions
  13. Example of pasta with pesto: difficult to combine with wines but goes well with German beers or in contrast with Belgian fermented beers that clean the palate and allow another taste of beers, or many English beers
  14. Example of combinations: you can accompany the salad with a lot of vinegar with acidulous and extravagant beers , fresh, if one loves sweets and a lot of sugar in the coffee then he will prefer beers with caramelized residual sugar (dark), there are bitter lovers with beers very full of hops, which seem to have the taste of grass.
  15. There are sofa beers between 10 and 12 degrees: you drink a cup, not a pint. The most famous example is that of spiced Christmas beers, to drink in cognac-type cups, at room temperature (not hot) to enhance the aromas and flavors
  16. How to choose St Patrick’s beer? So better the craft beers. However, there are alternatives to Guinness: the style is that of the stout . We can mention the “Green Bear” brewery that produces Nubia (also won prizes), the Confine beer is a porter; passing then to the always stout English beers there are O’Ahara and the Olster stout, and still the classics but must be served in three times and still at the right temperature
  17. Finally if you want an alternative to Guinness there are the Murphy and Beamish beers.